Quantum X - World's First and ONLY Upright Vacuum With Water Filtration


  • days
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds


  • Works on all floor surfaces and automatically adjusts to all floor heights

  • Fully motorized powerhead

  • Micro Silver to reduce germs and bacteria

  • Try it for up to a month with our Money Back Guarantee

  • Never loses suction or airflow!

  • Won’t get your floor wet, it uses the water to capture dirt

  • Built with a bulletproof high quality material

  • 3 year warranty

The Quantum X uses water to capture dirt, debris, germs and bacteria instead of HEPA filters that clog. It also has an 18“ Telescoping Head to reach the places were dirt actually hides! In addition, it picks up dry and WET spills and can remove pet accidents. All at an affordable price!



Zero Filters: 

Never worry about changing clogged filters that can contaminate the house you just cleaned!


18“ Telescoping Head: Reach the places were dirt actually hides!


Great at picking up wet spills and pet accidents!


Over engineered not overpriced



There are no messy filters to maintain or replace in the Quantum X, just fill it with fresh water each time you use it! After just one use, you will see and smell the difference.



Traditional vacuums use paper, synthetic, and HEPA filters to pick up dirt and debris which overtime clog up and become less efficient. With traditional vacuums, the more you use them, the less they work. Filters are known to be breeding grounds for germs, bacteria and viruses. Not to mention, they are expensive to replace and a hassle to clean. With Quantum X you can now easily remove all the nasty stuff from your home instead of storing it in your closet.



Adjustable Body: The Quantum X extends an extra 18 inches to provide you that additional reach, so you can clean under furniture without having to move them out of the way! It has a 4” clearance with a body that rotates a full 180 degrees, so you can reach where other vacuums can’t, and clean where the dirt hides!


10 Ft. Extending Hose: An extending hose to use for both wet and dry pickup. Can be used to mop floors, squeegee windows, and pick up liquids and pet accidents using the variety of attachments.


Vacs claimed, limited stock available

2343 Packs have been claimed (towards goal of 2500)

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See What Our Other Customers Have To Say

The Quantum X is the #1 vacuum for any dog mom or mom. I love that this vacuum gets such a deep clean. It truly feels like we almost have brand new carpets again.

Chelsea Evans

Do you see all the fur, debris and everything that it picked up? Look at that! This is why I love my Quantum X

Junette Mirlande

The Quantum X isn’t as expensive as the Rainbow but it’s got all the technology and more! It’s got microsilver technology that kills the bacteria and viruses. It didn’t lose suction and has way more power than the Dyson

Lynn Split

Look at all the stuff it picked up. I'm convinced! Thanks for doing a great job Quantum!